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10 Moving Life Hacks

Moving day can become a disaster if ill prepared. To avoid it and prevent you from emotional stress, please, look at these 10 simple life hacks, which will make your moving much easier.

  1. Make a photo of your electronic appliances connection. This photo will assist you upon the installation of electronic devices in new home.
  2. Use garbage bags for your hanging clothes. This is a good protection from dirt and water. Besides, it saves a lot of storage space.
  3. Use color-coding of your boxes. Different colors relate to different rooms. This is a good way to keep everything in order.
  4. Toilet rolls are good storage tool for electronic cables. In addition, it is recommended to label each roll regarding the device the cable belongs to.
  5. Socks protection. Socks suit perfectly to protect your fragile stemware. Use them to prevent any damages or scratches to your glassware.
  6. Move the filled up drawers. It is not necessary to get out everything of your drawers. You may keep the content in, while wrapping the drawers with plastic wrap tightly. Huge economy on boxes and time.
  7. Suitcases are better to use for heavy belongings.
  8. Porcelain plates can be protected by placing foam plates or coffee filters in-between.
  9. You may slide your furniture instead of lifting, Place old magazines beneath the furniture and slide it across the floor.
  10. Jewelry, some small pieces or parts cay be stored in sandwich bags.

Hopefully, these life hacks will be in use on your move day.