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Essential Things to Do Before Moving

Being prepared to moving is as important as the moving itself. Residential moving is quite a stressful process, therefore it requires mane efforts both physical and emotional. Be patient and follow the advices below to avoid any stress.

  1. Make a list
  • Compose an inventory list, containing each box you have packed. Sort your boxes by room or other categories, in order to ease the unboxing process in your new home
  1. ​ Dispose of unused items

One of the key benefits of any moving is an opportunity to declutter your life. Make everything organized and begin your decluttering process.

It is recommended to donate the items you do not need in. As alternative, you make arrange a garage sale or sell them online.

What can be donated/sold/disposed before you move:

  • Boxed items from your last move.
  • Items in multiple amounts. You do not need in 4 kettles, or dozen placemats.
  • Clothing, which you haven’t used more than a year.
  • Gifts or presents you’ve never used.
  • Other items, which have not been in use for a year.
  • Expired products.
  • Old documents. Make digital copies and dispose of these documents.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Broken or damaged items.
  1. Schedule you moving day

Keep everything in order and your move will be a breeze.