License: P.U.C.T-0191237

Moving With Plants

A day of moving is approaching and now it is time to take care of your plants. Unlike other belongings, the plants are more delicate items, actually, according to the latest researches, they are the living beings. Follow the tips below to transport your plants without any damage.

  • Prune your plants 2 weeks in advance
  • Get rid of any pests or parasites of your plants
  • To avoid soil spillage, use strong plastic bags
  • To protect the branches of your plants, wrap them with old sheets or paper
  • Use the boxes of appropriate size and fix the pots by wrapping paper
  • You can pack the plants before the very moving day

If you decided to relocate your outdoor plants, you will need to take the trouble. The above steps will suit for the outdoor plants if in pots. There are a few options for moving of garden plants:

  • Take a plant cutting for the further replant.
  • Dig the plant. Wrap the roots in plastic bag, adding some soil. Then place the plant in a box. Make sure you have a permission for these actions.

The plants should be unwrapped immediately after the arrival to new place. Be careful when taking the plants out of the boxes. It may take several weeks for the plants to adapt to new environment, therefore, be very attentive.