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Every person faces an apartment move at least once in their life, and many have to change more than one apartment. It does not matter where you move: to the next street or another region. To ensure that nothing gets lost, broken, or damaged during the moving house, you need to thoroughly prepare for it.

Moving furniture in the apartment in Mountain View is quite a responsible job. You can do everything yourself, or you can save time and trust this work to the company SFAdamsmoving. Fast house moving at an affordable price is a reality!
We offer to fully organize your move to Mountain View, as well as to prepare things for the move, load them into the car and transport them. Also, you can inexpensively order only loading and unloading of furniture, or just rent a car for apartment moving.

Important rules for moving house
1. Before transportation, you must remove all large appliances and furniture. Closets, tables, and sofas in disassembled form take much less space in the body.
2. You should spend time on careful packing – the safety of the items depends on it. Wrap glass, pottery, mirrors, and appliances in bubble wrap, foam, cloth, and other shock-absorbing materials. Non-breakable items can be wrapped in paper and plastic.
3. Label all boxes and bundles – this will speed up the process of sorting things out at the new location.
4. Place things compactly in the body. Mirrors and glass should be placed on their sides, heavier items placed horizontally, and boxes of books and other lightweight items placed on top of them.
5. Appliances should be transported in the operating position. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers should not be turned over
Detailed rates are presented below, by estimating them you can calculate how much the moving services in Mountain View will cost.

MOving Company


These and other rules of apartment moving in Mountain View are strictly adhered to by SFAdamsmoving. Our movers can prepare for the transportation of any equipment and furniture. All this work is carried out accurately and quickly. Our moving company in Mountain View guarantees the safety of transported things. If you do not have time to find packaging materials, we can provide them.

Moving “all-inclusive”.

If you have to perform a trucking and Mountain View moving, but you don’t know where to start and how to organize it, call our company. Given how much cargo must be moved and where it needs to be delivered, the manager picks up the car and crew movers who will perform your order. We try to provide the car in the body of which is easily placed all the things and not much space left. Do not skimp on the services of Mountain View movers when moving house, especially if a lot of things and the house has no freight elevator.
Moving from apartment to apartment is simple with SFAdamsmoving!

Besides all the fragile items being well packed, we also secure them with special straps that trucks are equipped with. In case you have fragile items to transport, simply inform our manager about it. And if you have items with a lot of weight in your apartment, this should also be mentioned. To load them, we use rigging equipment.

For a successful apartment move, contact SFAdamsmoving. We carry any amount of cargo. We will not be deterred by the lack of freight elevators, the number of floors, bad weather, or limited parking space. Despite any difficulties, your relocation will be fast and trouble-free with us.
It is very easy to order the move: just call one of the numbers listed on the website or submit an online form. Moving costs are calculated individually and depend on the number of goods, the number of floors of the building, and type of the vehicle.