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Moving house is easy and simple!

Changes happen to everyone’s life, and many people have to relocate more than once. Organization of apartment moving – rather complicated and painstaking process that requires special careful transportation. Apartment moving to Palo Alto is quite a responsible undertaking. You can do it all by yourself, or you can save your time and efforts by entrusting this work to SFAdamsmoving freight cab. We offer to fully organize your apartment move – we will move all the things from the old place to the new one and put everything into its place.

Important rules for moving house

To guarantee an easy and fast house moving, you should follow the key recommendations:

  • Before transportation, it is necessary to dismantle large-sized equipment and furniture. Cabinet furniture is best transported in disassembled form because so it takes up much less space in the body.
  • It is better to spend time on careful packing – the integrity of the goods in transit depends on it. Wrap glass, ceramics, mirrors, and appliances in bubble wrap, foam, fabric, and other shock-absorbing materials. Non-breakable items can be packed in paper and polyethylene.
  • Labeling boxes and bags will speed up unloading items at their new location.
  • Place things compactly in the body. Put mirrors and glass on their sides, place heavy items horizontally, and place boxes of books and other light items on top of them.
  • Place appliances in the operating position. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers should not be turned over.
  • By following these rules, an apartment move in Palo Alto will not cause unnecessary difficulties. Professional assistance allows you to understand even the most difficult tasks.


Moving company in Palo Alto
The aforementioned rules are carefully followed by SFAdamsmoving, which allows us to conduct apartment moving at the highest level. Our movers can prepare absolutely any appliances and furniture for transportation. All this work is carried out accurately and quickly. Our company ensures the safety of your belongings. If you do not have time to find packaging materials, we will provide them.

If you relocate with Palo Alto movers but do not know where to start and how to organize it, call us. Based on what amount of cargo to move and where it needs to be delivered, the selected manager picks up the car and crew movers who will perform your order.

We provide a car in which it is easy to place all things. We guarantee reliable fixation and maximum integrity of the transportation of things. Do not skimp on the moving services in Palo Alto when moving house, especially if there are a lot of things and the house has no freight elevator. Such a solution will significantly speed up the process and provide quality execution of the order.


Tips for preparing for an apartment move

Hardly anyone will deny that moving is a great way to get rid of unnecessary things. The initial stage of such a difficult process is sorting. It is necessary to decide what to take with you, and what to discard. However, it is not always necessary to throw old things in the trash, because they can be useful to someone. If it is about clothes, they can be given to special centers working with the homeless, and the old toys will always be welcome in the orphanage.

Draw a room map

Some may think that this is no longer necessary, because moving is not a war, after all. Even an approximate plan of the new apartment with a specified arrangement of furniture will allow you to more carefully plan which box with things in which room to go. The best option – is to number the rooms and, accordingly, number the boxes with the same digits. You can also use colored tape; the main thing is not to confuse the colors.

What will come in handy for moving?

First of all, you will need duct tape. For gluing the boxes will be a fully suitable ordinary tape. And if you employ a Palo Alto moving company, you will need duct tape, labeled ” Caution Fragile”. It’s inexpensive, yet it might save you a lot of trouble when loading and unloading fragile items.
Duct tape needs something to cut off, so you’ll need a stationary knife.

However, there is one important thing to keep in mind: if there are a lot of boxes and you have to work with a lot of tapes, it is better to buy a dispenser. It is easy to use and will significantly speed up the process.

Saving time will allow you to make a plan of action. It is best to start preparing at least two weeks in advance, as practice shows, this term is optimal to avoid rushing and do everything in time.

Stock up on boxes

There are never many boxes when it comes to moving. This is only at first glance, it may seem that everything will fit into a few boxes, but in fact, when packing there will be many kinds of things that need to be placed separately from each other.

You should have three sizes of boxes in your arsenal:

Small. These should include boxes that are designed for 6 to 45 liters. They are designed for fragile and valuable things. To keep the contents as safe as possible, they should be wrapped in paper or old newspapers, or magazines. If we are talking about not only fragile but also valuable things, it is best to use air bubble wrap.

Medium. The size of such boxes is 45-90 liters. Their size is suitable for packing large kitchen utensils, toys, shoes, etc. They should be filled to the top to eliminate space. This is necessary given that when transporting boxes are placed on top of each other, and if there is a void, they can simply crumple.
Large. Such boxes are considered to be variants, the volume of which is from 90 to 175 liters. They will be needed for the biggest things that take up a lot of space, such as bedding, blankets, etc.

Remember that cardboard boxes can have different thicknesses. The strongest version is made of five-layer cardboard. It acts as the best guarantee that nothing will happen to your possessions. To save money, you can also use three-ply cardboard, which is less strong. Cardboard can be used when moving within the same city.

Soft things can be safely packed in bags, since nothing will happen to them, and they can be taken out at any time. Also, you should separately pack the essentials, so that you do not have to look for them for a long time. They should be always at hand. The same with valuable items that should not be transported in one box with the usual ones. Pack them yourself and keep them in sight at all times when moving.