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What is an apartment move?

Apartment moves can be divided into three types, and each of them needs a separate approach.

Types of moving house:

  • Medium (moving furniture)
  • Small (moving personal stuff)
  • Large (moving to another city)
  • For a small moving, you need to order a car which can accommodate 5-9 cubic meters, which is more than enough room for the things.
  • For the average move is best to use the high Gazelle 4m with a long side. It is ideal for transporting furniture around the city and state.

For a large move, we recommend ordering a large car with a body length of 6 meters. It all depends on the volume of things. The right attitude saves money.
Consider the fact that the low rate to transport things is profitable because it is cheaper to pay hourly.

If there are a lot of things, it is sometimes more profitable to make two trips than to order a large car, which is much more expensive by the hour.
Also, reducing the time of the move will help you movers, which is very advantageous when loading a large car. Agree that it is better to order a crew of 3-4 people than to carry yourself, and give the money to pay for downtime.

Have a great move!

Apartment moving in San Rafael | Order apartment moving in San Rafael
Moving house is a change of residence, which is always associated with great stress, nerves, and physical exertion. During this period an important role is played by the quality and professionalism of the transportation companies that are directly involved in transportation and loading your belongings. After all, in a hurry, you may not notice any damage or breakage, and when you find immediate defects it will be too late to make complaints.

SF Adamsmoving Transportation Company provides apartment moving services in San Rafael and the surrounding area. A qualified employee will ensure the organization of transportation of your belongings, regardless of their number and remoteness. We will always be able to pick up the necessary cargo equipment and can guarantee the integrity of your belongings.

Affordable prices and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation for each customer will always be offered.

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Professional moving from apartment to apartment by SF Adamsmoving

How to prepare for apartment moving? This is an important and responsible decision that requires thorough preparation. Effective planning will help you prioritize and get everything right in the end. The preparation process itself most often includes the following work:

  • disconnecting, disassembling appliances and furniture;
  • lacking things in previously prepared containers;
  • loading the belongings for further transport;
  • unloading and lifting of the property to the desired floor;
  • unpacking and assembly of furniture, the connection of equipment;
  • removal of garbage and used containers.


One of the prerequisites for a high-quality move is the correct planning of loading things into the car. By placing the furniture in the new apartment first, you can immediately unload and unpack things into cabinets, saving your time and free space. In addition, it is important to have the right truck that will allow you to fit everything you need in the body.
Advantages of apartment moving services in San Rafael by SF Adamsmoving. Qualified employees of our moving company will provide significant time savings and will independently perform a significant portion of the work necessary to organize a high-quality move. Ordering services from the company will save your time and provide the opportunity to move quickly without delays and overlaps.

For more information and ordering an apartment move in San Rafael, call by phone on the website or write to the e-mail. Our managers will give professional answers to all your questions and offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.