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Moving Services

Long-Distance Relocation

Sometimes, your plans or sheer necessity make you take a big trip with all your possessions, and a long-distance move is real double trouble. Packing everything properly, loading it on trucks, orchestrating the trip from one state to another, unloading and unpacking – that’s the challenge you face. So let us lend you a hand and handle a part or a whole of your moving process professionally and efficiently. We have accumulated years of cross-country and overseas moving experience (being in operation since 2009), and we know what essential services to offer you firsthand. In addition to San Francisco moving services ‘as is’ (multi-stage shipment, loading, and unloading), we offer the services of packing and unpacking, furniture assembling/disassembling, and all necessary supplies. If you want to pack everything yourself, we provide packing materials including tapes, crates, and all. An additional benefit of our work is that we provide you with a free estimate of costs in advance, with regard to a specified distance of moving and weight to transport.

Office/Business Moving

Along with individual property transportation, our company is ready to assist you in moving whole businesses, laboratories, offices, libraries, scientific collections, and heavy-duty equipment. These services are fully available for intrastate, state-to-state, or even overseas relocation. We guarantee careful packaging and handling of valuable equipment and fragile cargoes so that moving was just another operational detail in your workflow. We are open to special requests and instructions since every business has its particularities and needs. Prices are affordable for big and small customers, and our Bay Area moving services encompass the whole cycle of moving, from packing to moving to unpacking and deploying a laboratory or an office at a new location.

Residential Relocation

Moving the individual property, its parts, or separate valuable items can be a matter of high complexity, especially when it goes about precious china or art collections, musical instruments, and other fragile pieces. We are ready to face this undertaking and complete it to your full satisfaction. We know the rules and secrets of packing and moving high-precision equipment, large art pieces, china and crystal collections, and more. We have acquired these skills through vast experience, so we will approach your residential moving task in full armor (special crates and protective materials for breakable objects included). We can guarantee that your valuable cargo will arrive at its new destination across the USA or abroad undamaged and safe.


If you are in need of storage facilities and delivery, it also belongs to our package of moving services in San Francisco. For a modest monthly fee, you can rent a space for storing residential or business possessions. If you need us to pack and transport these items to a storage place, just let us know and book a date.

Weekend Moving Services

As mentioned, we have experience in transporting fragile and valuable equipment and items, including pianos and grand pianos. If you need this part of our moving services in Bay Area, we can provide it and move the instrument responsibly and safely.

Last-Minute Moving

When you have to move right on the spot for some reason, you can rely on us to fill this request. Call us immediately, specify the time and get our help in moving when you need it most, without worries or delays.

Residential Area Covered By Our Services

We are glad to offer our services in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Monica, Alhambra, Compton, Long Beach, and beyond, we operate in different locations and can move your possessions big and small safely and speedily.

Storage services

Besides the moving services, the SF moving provides storage solutions if you need some place to relocate your belongings for short or long period. Your assets will be packed, transported and stored for a monthly service fee. The company offers short- and long-term business and residential options.

Moving on weekend in San Francisco and Bay Area

The company services are available 7 days per week, so we can make your move more comfortable by moving your belongings on the weekend.

Moving of piano in San Francisco and Bay Area

Piano is a large and fragile instrument, which requires care and attention while transporting. For this reason, out company has a special service to exclude any troubles.

Moving at the last moment

In case of possible emergency, you might need help in moving of your apartment fast. Our company will be pleased to provide its services and release you from any headache related to urgent moving.

Office moving service

The company can boast of the highest quality of business services. SF moving has rendered its services to thousands of customers since 2009.