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You need to move, but you have accumulated so much stuff that you can’t make it alone? It is not clear how to move the couch, closet, and refrigerator, and what to do with a very expensive mirror? Do not panic, we can help you.
No need to look for a truck separately for transportation, Walnut Creek movers, and puzzle over how to pack everything – trust the team with experience in moving apartments.

Moving company in Walnut Creek
Moving house – is primarily a complex set of works, which takes a lot of time and effort. If you move belongings, equipment, and furniture alone, you put yourself under stress and a lot of unresolved organizational issues. There is a way out!
We provide carriage of various complexity every day. Our experienced, qualified specialists and well-equipped cars make moving your apartment easy.

We put quality in the first place! In addition, each apartment move involves a team of specialists who know all the intricacies of the move and can do all the work for you. You will only have to watch the professional work of the movers, saving your time and nerves.

about us

Is it possible to prepare for your apartment move and save some money?

If you have the energy and desire to get involved in preparing for Walnut Creek moving, we have some tips for you:
  • Start your moving preparation a few days in advance
  • Call the sfadamsmoving office and give our manager all the information (don’t worry if you forget something, our experts will help you)
  • schedule the beginning of works
  • take a parking place, the closest to your home, and give all the details of the passage (this will allow the truck to come as close as possible, which will save our time when loading and unloading)
  • Unplug all appliances
  • Remove furniture and put it in cardboard boxes (sign the boxes on the side, so the movers can load the truck and you can unpack in the apartment)
  • use strong cardboard boxes, do not load more than 20 kg in one box, and tape them down to make them sturdy.
  • household appliances should be packed in bubble wrap, secured with stretch wrap and duct tape
  • while packing fragile equipment (TV, notebook, audio system, musical instruments, etc.) use cardboard for extra security and cardboard boxes
  • If possible, disassemble the furniture and pack it (sign all items so they won’t get lost and be assembled quickly in the new apartment, carefully protect the corners, as it is most vulnerable in transit)